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Vacu Vin licenses Outperform Planning


International Innovation Company, in most parts of the world better known by the brand name Vacu Vin, licenses Outperform Planning for Exact. The solution will extend their Exact ERP system with an enterprise solution for Sales & Operations planning. The system covers the entire business process from sales forecasting to operations planning and execution.

"During our participation in the evaluation of the controlled releases it became clear that the system will bring us an almost immediate return. We will be able to forecast at different levels, e.g. item customer and item group level, manage the true trends in demand and ensure that the operations plan is feasible. We will be able to plan much more accurately and really concentrate on the ares where it matters, e.g. the long and not always predictable lead times from Asia" says Jaap Formsma, Manager Purchasing at IIC.

In June 2012, Outperform and Exact decided to collaborate on the theme of S&OP. "We found a lot of synergies when analysing the capabilities on either side. One early conclusion was that this S&OP solution must install in one hour and then be ready for planning. We have delivered on that mission and will keep the product focussed on S&OP and nothing else. Clients wanting more than the standard footprint can license the Wizard and Customizer, which provides them the capability to adapt the application to their specific needs. Having Vacu Vin as our first client for this offering is not a coincidence. Winners innovate and innovators win", says Uneco de Meester, CEO of Outperform.

About International Innovation Company:

With over 20 years of experience in developing ideas into consumer products, International Innovation Company is an innovation pioneer. The family business that originates from the invention of the Vacuum Wine Saver was founded from a merger between Vacu Vin Group and Best ID Concept. International Innovation Company operates in 80 countries and sells various unique patented products. International Innovation Company’s main focus is to produce innovative, fun and practical products for consumers worldwide. Quality and functionality at a reasonable price level. The innovative force of this privately owned company is not only shown by its working methods but also in the way it combines social involvement with innovative initiatives.


Outperform delivers a system that allows us to run our company and manage the complexity we meet every day. It greatly enhances the value of our Exact ERP system and will bring Sales, Operations and Execution together in one business process dedicated to the bottom line of the company.

Patrick Schneider, CEO and President

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