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Outperform visits The Blender


Last week, Outperform’s support, development, and services teams visited innocent drinks’ super sustainable factory ‘The Blender’ in Rotterdam. The visit was part of a knowledge-sharing workshop where we reviewed the present and planned for the future with key Outperform Planning users at innocent drinks.

They taught us how they were using the various sections of Outperform Planning in their daily planning processes and how Outperform Planning helps them determine how much supply they need to produce delicious juice for the masses and more.

Our curiosity about their magical Blender operation was thoroughly satisfied with a tour of The Blender’s facilities delivered by Emma, one of the few people working at an otherwise fully-automated factory hall. The North sea and river Maas was in full view with big boats sailing in, some carrying the fruits for the next pallets of drinks.

innocent drinks has been using Outperform Planning since 2014, which has accumulated a wealth of business process content through the years. Throughout the workshop, we discussed what sections of Outperform Planning were mainly used and where innocent drinks’ focus lies. We concluded that currently the pencil is sharp but can be sharpened further still. We established a roadmap for the upcoming 12 months with the goal of continuous improvement, ensuring the sharpest pencil possible, always.

Exhausted and inspired, we left for Rotterdam Airport Thursday afternoon. Kevin will spend more time with innocent drinks later this month at their London office ‘Fruit Towers’. Here, he will shadow a day of innocent drinks using Outperform Planning and may even learn his way around their impressive high-powered microwaves cooking the eggs for breakfast.

We could not be prouder to be part of the intense planning that goes into delivering the millions of little drinks that power big dreams worldwide.

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