Easily structure the forecasting process

Whether you want to apply the forecasting engine, apply a heuristic based on recent order patterns or collaborate with customers and account managers, it’s easier with Outperform.
Track supply chain trends with Outperform Planning
Track trends

Empower your global Demand Planners

Use our powerful algorithms and effective means for collaboration.

Make accurate sales forecasts using historical data
Predict demand and sales with accurate forecasts
predict sales and demand in your supply chain
Predict Sales

Utilize forecasting to power your strategy

determine influence in your supply chain
Determine influence

Make your forecasting more accurate

Turn your historical data into accurate forecasts that help you improve your bottom line.

track sales profitability with Outperform Planning


Detect seasonality and  trends to be prescient of the future demand for your products.


Drive volume growth in strategically selected product portfolios.

Product lifecycle

Manage the product's life from the date it is introduced to when it is phased out.


Work from your perspective whilst maintaining traceability and accountability with your colleagues.

Virtual History

For new products or customers, have the ability to compose historical trends to predict the future with.