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Chaud Devant benefits from Outperform Planning


Chaud Devant controls inventory flow accurately and efficiently with Outperform Planning

Chaud Devant has been a client of Outperform since 2015. They develop high-quality professional chef's wear and are a leading trendy label for modern kitchen fashion sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Outperform Planning was chosen as their solution to help plan manufacturing orders for different sizes of garments whilst keeping stock as low as possible. With production taking place in Southern Europe, trends in sales also needed to be picked up well in advance.

Outperform plays a key role for Chaud Devant in demand and inventory planning. Outperform allows us to control our inventory flow very accurately and efficiently by providing us with a weekly forecast for our production planning and required purchasing.

Lara Fletterman, Chaud Devant Product Manager, March 2022

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