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Royal Smilde selects Outperform


Royal Smilde chooses Outperform

Outperform Planning has been chosen as the solution to drive the Sales & Operations Planning processes for the Foods division of Royal Smilde. This comprises 2 factories, 3 co-manufacturing sites, 20 warehouses and distribution into 60 countries for the business units Culinary and Bakery Spreads (CBS) and Cool - Fresh (CF).

Project delivery is done by Supply Chain Company, with Outperform covering the technical implementation and integration architecture. The scope is the complete span of the Outperform product, ranging from sales planning to distribution and inventory planning, production planning and scheduling.

‍About Royal Smilde

Royal Smilde specializes in the development and production of high-quality solutions with margarines, oils, fats, salads, sauces, and bakery products. These products find their way into the food industry, retail, and the food service market in more than 60 countries. Royal Smilde has been a flexible, enterprising, and international family company since 1863.

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Outperform Planning really covers all of our planning efforts from start in finish in one application. This has greatly helped us in creating coherent processes, resulting in improved supply chain performance. The solid software solution helped us in integrating supply chains and improving our supply chain agility to follow volatile demand.

Arjan Gerritsen, Operations & Supply Chain Lead

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