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Outperform launches its new branding


We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo, color scheme and an updated website.

Our current branding has been going strong since 2005, but it is time for a change to something new while at the same time not diverging from our original DNA. We want to convey a company that is ready to meet your planning needs with an improved Outperform Planning solution along with exciting new features to be unveiled in the upcoming months.With this new logo, we want to convey that our solution is intuitive and easy to use and a reliable tool to meet your planning needs.

Our motto, “Give us your data, we will make you a plan.” is reinforced with this change.

Over the next few weeks this logo will appear on our marketing material, products and online presence and you will start to see all other visuals around Outperform aligning. For a short period of time, there might be an overlap between the old and the new. We hope to share more exciting news on our company, our product, and new customers in the upcoming months.

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