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Menken Orlando licenses Outperform Planning


Menken Orlando came to us via the Exact partner network Pink Elephant (formerly known as Nobel). After several years of working together with Menken Orlando, they knew what Menken Orlando was looking for. In a joint effort, we analysed Menken Orlando’s requirements and how they map onto the standard offering S&OP for Exact. Along with Outperform’s experience in the food industry Menken Orlando concluded that S&OP is the right solution at the right time.

At Menken Orlando, the standard for Exact will be extended with promotions management and capacity planning as available in implementations for other clients. Outperform is happy to welcome Menken Orlando to our customer list and open a long term relationship.

About Menken Orlando:
Menken Orlando B.V. is a family business which is led by Robert Menken, Peter-Paul Menken and Nico Hendriksen. The company was founded in 1952. Menken Orlando develops food concepts to order for retail and food service clients throughout Europe. These concepts are supplied under a private label or as one of Menken Orlando’s own brands. Menken Orlando focuses on two special times for users: when it is time for a drink and when it is time to eat or improve the meal.

Menken Orlando links its years of product experience with its wide-ranging knowledge of clients and end users. This has created a specialist category which led to a successful approach to stocking. Innovation is of paramount importance for us.

Menken Orlando’s most important product groups are rice snacks, nuts and meal improvers such as pine seeds, salad mixes etc. Raw materials are imported from all over the world and processed at one of Menken Orlando’s modern production locations. Close cooperation has developed with various suppliers which makes being trend-setters possible through product development. This enables you to distinguish your company from the competition with a customised private label concept.


Outperform delivers a system that can grow with us, as our requirements are for a more sophisticated and integral S&OP process.
Marcel van Heemskerk - Supply Chain Manager

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