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Client Summit 2017 Great Success

Delft, August 28-29 2017

In the historic entourage of the Prinsenhof in Delft, Outperform users and experts shared current developments and vision for Outperform Planning. Concluding a year of intensive research, the Outperform team presented a range of technologies and features for clients to make better use of the wealth of performance data in Outperform.

With attendees from the USA and the UK, South Africa joining remotely, as well as varied representation from our Dutch client base the exchange of knowledge and ideas was truly inspiring.

Summit topics highlighted:

  • The Outperform Navigator: This concept allows users to orchestrate their operations for optimal profit and efficiency, with the system offering Newsworthy Items, role based subscription to these, suggested responses and workflows to execute the responses for the relevant data scope.
  • Outperform Planning is available in the Azure cloud, which also enables Outperform and Outperform’s clients to tap into the Algorithm Market Place.
  • Microsoft Power BI is now embedded in Outperform Planning. This Business Intelligence framework brings interactive visuals to the dashboards in Outperform planning but also to mobile platforms, via the Azure cloud.
  • The Outperform Data Lake brings the business perspective on your plan at your fingertips.
  • The direction is to provide executives a true understanding of a business’ Key Performance Drivers (KPD). Outperform Planning will then be able to suggest how a company should orchestrate demand and supply to realize a profit growth target of x% within the coming 24 months. So your business is run by KPDs and not KPIs.

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