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Using Outperform Planning to consolidate the demand and supply plans

Wilson Electronics LLC


Wilson Electronics is the country’s leading manufacturer of cellular signal booster technology. Their founder, serial entrepreneur Jim Wilson, started the company in 1999 in St. George, Utah, and ever since they have been keeping people connected with stronger cell signal at home, in the workplace, in commercial settings, and on the go.

The challenges

  • Managing inventory levels and complex bills of material with components that phase in and phase out of production.  Many components have long lead times adding uncertainty to the planning process.
  • Tight budget, rapid implementation
  • Managing BOM revisions as components phase in and phase out of use
  • Integration with existing systems

The solutions

Rapid start, within 2 weeks they had a working system integrated with their ERP system so they could begin learning the system and fine tune the data requirements. The implementation started with Demand Planning then moved on to Supply Planning and Scheduling.

The impact

The heuristics driven supply planning has been extremely helpful in both inventory and labor planning. They have leveled out their peak months by building ahead, which in turn has benefitted their internal production and suppliers. The supply plan also allows them to better control their direct labor which is having a positive impact on their P&L.