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Outperform Planning helps Landport Batteries get the right stock at the right moment

Landport Batteries


In 2017, Landport Batteries chose Outperform Planning as their supply chain solution. Landport Batteries focuses on long-term partnerships with manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, wholesale organizations, and chain stores, providing them with an extensive range of batteries and battery chargers for various motorcycle, automotive, and industrial applications. They have more than a quarter of a century of expertise in import and distribution of batteries, selling 1.5 million batteries annually.

The challenges

Landport Batteries has a large number of SKUs and customers, leading to an extraordinary amount of combinations. On top of that, they have to make hundreds of purchase decisions every week.

They are determined about delivering what their customers want, when they want it. This is a challenge that requires great planning, which Outperform Planning helps with.

The solutions

Outperform Planning provided all of the options to make a digital replica of Landport Batteries' real-life business, with all the possibilities to tweak either on a very detailed level, but also on an overall level.

Also providing daily updated information, Landport is empowered to make the right sales decisions when confronted with sudden and unexpected sales opportunities without hurting regular expected sales.

The impact

"Landport Batteries is all about delivering our customers what they want, when they want it. Outperform helps us to get the right stock at the right moment, taking into account always-changing production and transport parameters. We can now make the optimal purchasing decisions at any given moment" explains Paul Mol, purchaser and Outperform Planning user at Landport Batteries.