Outperform Americas Webinar – From MasterChef to FasterChef: What are the right ingredients for S&OP?

Join us for a webinar on:

Thursday, 23 March 2017 2:00 pm Eastern Time

For more than 30 years, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has proven to be the best process for companies to align market demand with supply capabilities. In various industries, continuous S&OP improvement has proven to be a good investment for many companies.

– What have you done lately with S&OP? Are you still struggling to gather the data necessary for S&OP meetings?
– Are the various team members representing sales, finance, planning and operations reluctant to attend S&OP meetings?
– Where do you stand in your S&OP maturity? And on which stage do you want to be?
– Did you just start and are you gaining benefits from it or are you ready to move to the next maturity stage and scratch the surface of Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?

In this webinar, Raj Sreerangam, Chief Commercial Officer at Outperform Solutions will talk about how to identify the right ingredients for a successful S&OP process. How to evaluate where you stand today in your S&OP process and how Outperform Solutions can support you in becoming effective with S&OP.

Presenter Note: business is business and planning is business, or simply stated: promote your S&OP to S$OP. Becoming a master and faster chef is combining supply sophistication with good business taste . It’s in the understanding, appreciating and connecting of flavors and perspectives. In this kitchen we’re all allowed to try, taste and fail. Remember: only when we master we can become faster

Join us for this brief 30’ afternoon webinar