Plan now for the future – Scenarios with Outperform Planning

The world is gripped by a pandemic that only a few short months ago was not foreseen to have the impact it currently has.

To stop the spread of the virus, Governments worldwide have locked down cities, closed borders and shut down key transportation nodes in an attempt to slow the spread. Despite organizations scrambling to employ crisis management systems that are often times reactionary and short term, there is an urgent need to plan for the mid to long term using the correct demand, production and distribution planning tools that allow for generating scenarios and comparing them, particularly in light of today’s uncertainties.

In Outperform Planning, multiple demand as well as supply planning scenarios can be generated to support “What-If” questions. The comparison is based on a combination of products and locations depending on the design of one’s supply chain, in other words, organizations are able to create various scenarios comparing product and warehouse/factory locations in terms of volumes and costs.

Businesses must respond on multiple fronts in an attempt to ensure their supply chains remain resilient enough to survive the upcoming months.

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