Businesses are rightfully concerned about the impact a Brexit deal will have on their supply chains, particularly the uncertainty surrounding the economic repercussions of a new trade deal. As a result, they are stepping up preparations to ensure a responsive supply chain to volatile and uncertain demand as well as ensuring resilience to supply chain disruptions. Luckily some companies are benefiting from the Outperform Planning solution to create real time visibility in their supply chain and help play out different scenarios with the aim of streamlining their processes in a manner that aligns with corporate objectives.

For our customers with operations in the United Kingdom and the European Union, a Brexit deal will see an increase in operations costs as well as the time to execute processes in the areas of distribution, imports and exports as well as tariffs to mention a few. There are several potential scenarios including that the current status quo prevails, and the EU continues to trade with the UK under existing regulations.

With Outperform Planning in place, businesses can visualize the effect of the different scenarios before execution.

To learn more about how Outperform Planning can help manage your complex supply chains and run various “what if” scenarios to handle similar challenges, please contact us via this link.