A puzzle like Tangram

After several months of intensive collaboration between the planning experts of former Kemira Grow How (KGH) and Yara, the integration of the two planning systems into one was completed on time and under budget. Although the two planning systems were from the same supplier, the approach to the planning challenge had been different. The two approaches were aligned and data was transformed and mapped onto Yara’s system.

Several adjustments to ensure a clear separation between test and production environment were implemented. Outperform supplied Project Management and Solution Architecture services. The project involved 20 people from different countries and organisations within Yara, including IBM, Yara’s global IT/IS service provider. A good basis was laid for subsequent projects, such as the implementation of a BW based reporting system.

Kick off was held on 1st September 2008 at Helsinki and the consolidated solution went live in January.

Another puzzle was completed.

About Yara:
Yara International ASA is the worlds leading chemical company that converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers.