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Innocent launches in Japan


Just a few weeks ago, the first bottles of innocent smoothies appeared on shelf in Japan. This exciting step on innocent’s mission to become the Earth’s favourite little healthy food and drinks company may have seemed like “manna from heaven” to consumers, but was in fact achieved only through careful planning and coordination.

Building on a 4 year long relationship, innocent engaged its trusted partner to develop another instance of Outperform Planning. Through alignment of sprint calendars and backlog on both sides, new features for this market were developed at a rapid pace with delivery of a final system ready for launch.

By using Outperform Planning to ensure fresh ingredients and products are in the right place, at the right time, innocent are in a strong position to unlock growth in this developing category.

For more information see (for example):



the Japanese times


Outperform and innocent have become true partners, which means that together we can innovate rapidly.

Harry Dryden, New Markets at innocent drinks

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