The application for running your supply chain planning

Our mission is to provide you with a planning solution that brings value to every level within your organization, enabling you to operate on the optimal balance between demand, supply and inventory.

Outperform introduced the first version of Outperform Planning software in 2005. Today, companies across the world and in various industries rely on Outperform Planning as their robust and easy-to-use solution for Sales & Operations Planning. Their processes run from the longer-term sales plan, right down to factory scheduling, every day.
Whatever the planning challenge, we believe that with the right focus, a solution can be found. We love solving complex planning problems through, what we call, ‘smart simplification’.

We listen to your specific needs, and together we will find the best route to achieve your business objectives. We are pragmatic and transparent in our approach and provide the expertise and perseverance to get it just right for your company.



Outperform started operations primarily as a consulting firm


1st Licence Sold

We sold out first licence of Outperform Planning


Full Version

Released the full version of Outperform Planning



Embedded Gurobi optimization engine


Gartner MQ

Featured in Gartner Magix Quadrant for S&OP


Microsoft Azure

Outperform Planning avaliable in Microsoft Azure Cloud


Subscription and cloud

Subscription Licence Clients on cloud version



Standardize and enable partners



Non-core competencies outsourced



Self service trial further reducing cost of sales

Outperform Leadership

Uneco has a wide range of expertise in manufacturing & supply chain systems and enterprise software. He handles sales and business development in the EMEA region. Prior to founding Outperform, Uneco worked as the European Services Director at Infor and as Manufacturing Manager for Unilever. He holds a master’s degree in physics from Delft University of Technology. He is passionate about developing software solutions that make demand and supply teams come together as one. In his private life he enjoys sailing all year-round.

Raj is an expert at implementing planning solutions and has successfully serviced more than twenty-five companies worldwide. He handles the sales and business development in North America. Prior to founding Outperform, Raj worked with implementing planning solutions for Infor. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University. Raj is passionate about wildlife and visiting the many National Parks in Africa.

Tom is a skilled programmer and coder, experienced in complex solution architecture. He leads Outperform's development, delivery, and after-care teams. Tom worked in banking and insurance prior to entering the supply chain industry. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computing from Oxford University. He is passionate about designing well-functioning and user-friendly solutions. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis and surfing.

Why choose Outperform


We are your thought partners in solving complex planning challenges through smart simplification.


Our mission is to create the most reliable and intuitive solution in the market, that adds value at every level of your organization


Outperform works with you to find the optimum route to achieve your business objectives.